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(diff) ← Older revision | Latest revision (diff) | Newer revision → (diff) is the leading webshop in the Netherlands for books, toys and electronics. According to research published in 2015 it is the strongest retail brand with the highest expected growth in the Netherlands. It is owned by Ahold Delhaize. Its director is Huub Vermeulen. Much of the daily business is done by the Dutch company docdata.

A former employee, likely a programmer, describes what amounts to an abusive--if not hostile work environment towards expats at; from "low salaries which management denies" with market analyses tantamount to gaslighting, "indifference to the violation of work ethics if it is done by Dutch colleagues" and "during conflict situations, using 'accept feedback' as a tool of harassment. E.g. if you think you are right and making it clear, what you hear will be 'please reflect this situation on yourself and accept the feedback' translates as we do not hear you, please shut up and do what we say".

On the consumer end, they are suspected of high markup prices for games on the PS5 video game system. LetsGoDigital believes " is marking up the price by 25%".


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Server (Former Employee) says

"If management was better , it would be a great place to work and make a lot of money . I made a lot of great regulars in my time of being there Abd the opportunity was appreciated Cons: Favoritisms"

Server (Current Employee) says

"Customer service, extensive food knowledge, fast paced. Great team of co-workers. The hardest part of the job is consistency, never have the wine on the list or the spirits, the new chef is inexperienced and the food takes forever to get out and the customers are unhappy."

Verkoopmedewerkster (Current Employee) says

"Veel werk, weinig personeel, arbeidsomstandigheden zijn niet de beste. sympathiek personeel, Cons: contract 0 uren"

Server (Former Employee) says

"The pay was great. The servers were amazing to work with. Great food and the kitchen was spotless. Fast paced easy going customers. The buyouts were amazing money."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The food always had a great taste, they get an A for that however to many new faces every other week. Never got paid on time. They opened at 11 am but the food was never ready on time there was always a 15-20 minute wait for the food if you got there right when they opened."

shipper/reciever/forklift operator (Former Employee) says

"company name is PakFab engineering solutions in Paris Ontario - I enjoyed the responsibility of looking after incoming and outgoing shipments from the picking to the loading/unloading"

ayudante de obra (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa muy responsable con sus obligaciones .también cuenta con excelente personal y me gusta trabajar en esta empresa por el buen trató qué le ofrece a sus empleados"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at full-time for more than a year Cons: I started my career at in June 2018 and had a traumatic year. I landed to a complete Dutch team, so they all had to switch their communication to English for an international junior. Team members explicitly stated their unwillingness to communicate in English as a great welcome. Team members were very reluctant to cooperate/communicate with me and manager wasn’t very helpful. I started to hear negative feedbacks about me from my manager(I would prefer to receive feedbacks from teammates first) and indeed tried to reflect on feedbacks even if I wasn’t agree. How much ever I worked to be a better engineer, teammates picked up negative situations with a needle and came up with bad feedbacks. For example, I tried to attend to an important meeting with software architects about our team to observe and learn, but I received “losing focus and trying to participate other projects” feedback. My contract was for one year and I wasn’t a citizen of an EU country. I was aware that I had to go back to my country if bol would not extend my contract. At the same time understood that I had no chance in that bullying team and wanted to switch to another team. This request had been blocked by manager by saying “let’s open a new page in new year”. A new manager came and I had good 2 - 3 months. She told me everything is going good and for sure I’d receive an extension; maybe even a permanent contract. At the same time I realized picking up negative situations with a needle feedbacks started again. We had an incident on a software I mostly built (and peer reviewed). All the team except me had meetings about incident and “new way of working” titled meetings. I was explicitly not invited and discriminated in team by not invited to a meeting about team’s way of working. I expressed my dissatisfaction about the situation with my manager and she said “I should focus on my job”. One week after, I was fired out of blue. Moreover, that manager sent a mail about my departure to whole department and stated reason to leave was “low performance”. Thanks god I was able to find another company in a short period of time. It was hard for me to overcome psychological effects I had in bol. I would not advise to anybody such a toxic company like this. Don’t believe to contract extension promises managers give, I’m not the one who left out a small time to find another offer."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - From software engineering practices not as solid as advertised - Low salaries and management is in denial of it. Comes up with their analysis which is, of course, does not reflect the realities of the market - Friction (though became less by time) about the use of English in communication. - Highly political environment (lots of gossip, exclusion in decision making). Basically talkers' heaven and hackers' hell... - Indifference to the violation of work ethics (such as accusing people but not able to back it up) if it is done by Dutch colleagues. On the contrary putting a magnifying glass for minor reactions, the resistance of expats. - In conflict situations, using "accept feedback" as a tool of harassment. E.g. if you think you are right and making it clear, what you hear will be "please reflect this situation on yourself and accept the feedback" translates as we do not hear you, please shut up and do what we say. - Witnessed several situations where expats (particularly non-EU) harassed with "we will not extends your contract unless you do this and that" where mostly this and that are non-actionable vague comments - There are groups in company which excludes everyone else from the decisions and go re-invent the wheel (writing message broker, poor wrappers around cloud tools etc etc) then force you to use them - Finally poor location"


"I worked at Cons: Extremely result focused. Lip service when it comes to compliance with law- and regulations. Carrot-and-stick culture. Within IT-department: Successes are claimed by management. Failures are blamed on the employee."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at full-time for more than a year Cons: Micro management, socially tough for some developers, a lot of office/tech politics, working slow"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at part-time Cons: It is a big company. You need to pick your colleagues and manager. You need to attend lots of meetings."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at full-time for more than a year Cons: Low salary in comparison to the market. Some teams are stuck with very legacy technologies. Most of new (junior) sw engineers hires don't have a CS background. It is not an international company! Communication within the IT department is in English, but other type of communications or social events are completely in Dutch!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at full-time Cons: The structure of the IT department needs rethinking."

THE END says

"I ordered my girlfriend's perfumes before Christmas and have not received them until now I am trying to contact the service, they promised to send me the perfume again and that they will inform me by email And until now, I haven't received any email or perfume PS. I order by from perfuma.comNL"

P T says

"False delivery information on their website. 3 late deliveries out of my 5 orders, 1 on time, and the other was canceled by them (though my friend who got the same item received his, late)."

Oleh says

"I bought Pampers with korting 50% before Christmas. Some time later I received demand from company to pay the rest of amount, because they could not find the reason of that discount. The guys from the store were not embarrassed by the fact that it is impossible to buy a product without an advance payment, nor a copy of their own messages with order confirmation, nor screenshots with payment confirmation, nor screenshots from my profile on their website. So, after a long correspondence, I was forced to pay for errors in their system. VERY bad company. I highly do not recommend."

franc says

"Simply not delivering on time, contact only possible by a bad chat format, receiving mails if i am satisfied without getting anything, and sending by post without track and trace. Bol - thank you for nothing"

Rinchen Sangmo says

"never buy anything from this site. it is a total fraute and fooling customers. i just checked a book from this website and they directly send me book without asking me, without bill. After one month they send me the bill with extra charges and fines. i am very disappointed with this website, i can imagine how many more people have bulled in this manner."

Roy says

"Customer service is just so awful. I've had so many issues with delivery in the past few years, with absolutely no help from their side. They always blame other parties and tell you to just wait a few more days and hang up on you, they don't take any responsibility, they however definitely do take their premium for the products, so you'd think they could give back at least a little bit on customer service. Anyways, I'm done with it, I've invested way too much time in making sure I receive the products I order."

Txxxxx says

"Ordered an appliance for delivery today, and they've shifted it tomorrow. A bit irritating. The cool blue stuff I ordered yesterday turned up fine. Should have gone with them The chat bot is inane for support, so finally managed to fire off an email, with no response as yet. If you can't deliver something on time, don't market it."

Maarten says

"Delivery times are much longer than advertised on website. They try to blame PostNL or which company provides the delivery, but they do not hand over the package in time to the delivery company. Happened multiple times in the past 2 weeks. If you can't comply with your own promises, don't make them!"

Sagar Dangal says

"I bought a monitor (chg70) via for gaming, but upon using it for few days, I noticed flickering issue whenever I played games with low framerate. I returned the monitor, however I did not get money back for 2 months, upon querying, they said it is due to corona and will process it as soon as possible. After few weeks I get e-mail saying the return is denied due to “traces of use” and got back the monitor. Upon rechecking the monitor, the only thing I found was faint fingerprints which I could easily wipe with microfiber cloth and probably was there when I was dismantling. I raised this issue to, however the responded that seller has rejected the return due to “traces of use” and they couldn’t do anything about it since 14 days return policy is over although it was the seller who took over 2+ months to process this. Now I am stuck with a monitor I cannot use properly. I thought I could buy products from and was protected but it seems they don’t seem to care that much. Please be careful when buying products from since it seems they would reject returns saying they found fingerprints (and this is almost unavoidable). I have had no problems with amazon and cool blue but for bol, they have lost my trust."

PSCheong says

"I received the item in good order. Thank you for your intervention! ############################# Being a new customer, I ordered different items on and they were always delivered within 2 days. So I tried ordering something a little more expensive (over EUR100) on Dec 12th and this time the packet did not arrive. I called, emailed and contacted Bol's live chat help service and responsible business partner. I told them that I would cancel it if it is not sent yet. I received an email before the whole fiasco, which informed me that there was some problem with the stock and advised me to cancel. However, apart from informing me that they could not provide any track and trace ( I did not receive any email notification for this item), they told me the item was sent already to me so I could not cancel. It should be on the way, and would reach me after Christmas. It is now almost New Year and I still have no news about my packet."

Javice Windrunner says

"They tell me one date when the package arrives then they change it saying it had problems then return the package back to the vendor saying the delivery person did not find the address even though i saw the van passing in front of my house. The customer service contact is non existent. I do not recommend this website."

Samal says

"*** discriminates based on skin color*** Hi All, I am writing this email with highest order of grief and frustration. I knew the Dutch company headquartered in NL is an ethical company until I spoke with one of your client service employees who was very rude and probably a believer of white supremacy. This guy hang up the phone on me and didn't speak in English with me even a single word which seemed intentional. I have been a long time customer of, but now will stop using and rather move to other new eCommerce channels. If this is the service you give to a doctor in Belgium, just because I don't speak Netherlands fluently, you need to retrospect and probably introspect also, are you doing the right thing? Please stop spreading hate among people. Please take this email seriously, otherwise I will take this matter to social media for sure. Best regards Dr. Vivek Samal +32473348791"

Murray says

"'s systems for returns are incredibly frustrating and time consuming. I have been trying to return a gift I do not need for over 3 weeks now and nobody can help me as I did not buy the product, a friend did. They are based in Australia and get the return emails from Bol and forward to me as they don't read Dutch - and I cannot click on the link in the forwarded email as it goes to their account. All I need from Bol is the return CODE and 4 agents have been unable to give it to me - even though I have the return label etc. I have wasted enough time on this retailer and will rather use seemless online stores like Amazon etc."

Rik De Busser says

"The actual website works well, but have a bad customer service. Whatever problem you want to solve, you first get redirected to a annoyingly inept chatbot. When you finally convince it to let you email your problem to a human representative, the email form does not work because of some faulty reChapta."

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